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Project 2.5 Join Us

Stepping it up for Lifeline



In 2022

Two LIFELINE Crisis Supporters

will each take 2.5 million steps

to support mental health

in Australia

 Like many organisations, Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury (H2H) has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. A 25% increase in demand for crisis support has been met with a significant decrease in revenue.

Despite these challenges Lifeline H2H continues to deliver vital services to a large number of people who find themselves in crisis. 

Why am I fundraising?

For the past 13yrs I've devoted a large part of myself and a good chunk of my time to Lifeline. As someone with a chronic time shortage and an endless to-do list..why? 

Well, because I've seen (and heard) the results. I've spoken to people at their absolute lowest and witnessed how having a listening ear can give them enough hope to get the support they need. I've spoken to people who are alive today because of Lifeline. I've seen that we save lives, and I've seen the impact of being there for others in their moment of crisis. 

Crisis can take many forms. It may be loneliness, isolation, domestic violence, health struggles, family conflicts, substance abuse, stress, suicidal thoughts or countless other issues. We're here for it all - to help Australians get through tough times. And I want to make sure that continues. 

That's my purpose.

During my time at Lifeline, I've had many meaningful roles, all in the name of supporting this amazing organisation. Just some of these roles so far include telephone crisis supporter, shift supporter, facilitator and student trainer. My work with Lifeline has seen me trek the Kokoda Trail and participate in an award-winning documentary, 'Suicide and Me'. In 2022, I received an Order of Australia Medal, largely in recognition of my work with Lifeline.

And now, I’m taking the 2.5 MILLION STEPS CHALLENGE to raise funds for Lifeline!

Why donate to this fundraiser?

Your support will help ensure that anyone in need is able to access support in their moment of crisis.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible and help us to continue our work in supporting Australians and saving lives. 

Remember too that if you or anyone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts or struggling, our service is here for you 24/7 through our 13 11 14 crisis line.

My Updates

What your donation can provide

Friday 4th Mar
Every little bit helps, but I thought it might be useful to have some context around what exactly each donation can help us do, and where the funds raised will go:
$500 provides us with fundraising to train 1 new crisis support volunteer
$100 goes towards paid shifts for crisis supporters at times when no one else is available to answer the phones
$39 allows us to answer 1 call for help on our 24-hour crisis support line
$10 help with operational costs

It's all important :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Rebecca Hooke

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Russell Davis

I am in awe of the wonderful work you and your fellow Lifeline colleagues do to help so many Australians in their time of need. I am very happy to help support this most valuable service. Bravo Rebecca


Marinela Mendes

Great work Rebecca, challenging Chris in the fund raising. Thanks for supporting all at LLH2H. We are blessed to know you and work with you.


Rebecca Hooke


Christine Brown

Well done Rebecca! Xxx


Sue Isherwood



Uncle C And Auntie S

Keep up the great work Bec.


Sophie Sparkes

You’re truely an amazing woman and happy to donate to show our support ❤️


Caroline Mcgrory

Love that you Walk the Walk AND Talk the Talk! x



You go guys x


Christine Murchison

Good luck with all that walking... will be thinking of you


Judy Dalgarno

Super Star ⭐️ walker! What a fabulous effort for a fabulous organisation... Onya Rebecca. x


Judy Dalgarno

Happy walking!


Emma Bagley